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Founded in Florence, Italy in 1969 the Il Ponte Pelleteria company created 'The Bridge' brand in 1969 with the aim of creating bags and accessories with a characteristic style. From the great artisan workshop on the outskirts of Florence, high-quality products are produced using fine materials and traditional processes resulting in unique items.

Employing a blend of traditional and modern manufacturing skills, The Bridge create leather goods which are not only functional but beautifully constructed and designed. The use of locally sourced full hide leather, tanned using a vegetable tanning process, ensures a soft, supple leather which is not only luxurious to the touch but has a glowing sheen hard to mimic with chemical tanning processes.The characteristic colour of the finish comes from the hand dying processes that every single piece goes through to make it unique. Click here to see a short video about the making of The Bridge leather goods.
The Bridge produce exceptional leather products including briefcases, bags, wallets, purses and accessories. Enjoy ...